Handmade Pen Subscription by WhataPen Handmade Creations

Welcome and thank you for your interest!  Over the last year or so I have been asked many times if I would or could bring back the monthly pen subscription.  Well after doing some research and securing pricing on hardware and other items, IT IS BACK!  It will be similar to the first subscription I did back in 2016-2017 but better. 

What is in the subscription each month?

Feature 1

Once subscribed you can sit back and relax, a custom handmade pen will arrive at your mailbox each month.

Feature 2

Each month you will receive a unique pen that will be different from each and every month, so no duplication. All created by WhataPen in the little shop.

Feature 3

The pens will be different styles from twist ballpoint pens, click ballpoint pens, cap and body rollerball pens, maybe a fountain pen too.  The body may be wood, acrylic/resin or maybe even a image. Maybe a surprise too!

Pick either a 1 month, 3 month or 6 month subscription plan

1 Month Subscription

$45 / month

​You will be billed each month on the day you subscribe.

3 Month Subscription

$135 / every 3 months

​You will be billed every 3 months on the day you subscribe.

6 Month Subscription

$270 / every 6 months

​You will be billed every 6 months on the day you subscribe.

Here are the Monthly Pens for 2022 so far!


January's Pen

See Video Here


February's Pen


March's Pen


April's Pen

So what are you waiting for, Subscribe Now!

Whichever plan you choose the price includes insured shipping within CONUS.  After subscribing to your specific plan you will begin to receive your monthly pens the following month.  This way it allows materials to be secured for the following months pen shipping.  

*If outside of US please use the questions form below for special pricing due to shipping cost.


All paid subscriptions in December guarantees you a pen in January 2022 which is the first month.

​"A pen as custom as your Signature!"

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